About D.O.P. Music

Defacement of Property Music was founded by Gary "G2Z" Matthias in 2001, during his freshman year of high school. In the early days of D.O.P., G2Z's recording equipment consisted of audio recording software, and two pairs of headphones--one being used for its intended purpose, and another pair of headphones creatively repurposed as a microphone. These initial songs were lacking in sound quality and lyrical content. However, in the years that followed, G2Z improved on his craft as a musician and performer, by studying hip-hop lyricism, vocal delivery, and music theory, thus improving himself as a hip-hop artist while also dabbling into music production.

In his graduating year, G2Z released a self-produced album as a tribute to his high school. G2Z wrote, performed, and produced all of the tracks on this album. G2Z duplicated copies of these albums and distributed them to his high-school classmates, earning a few dollars prior to attending college.

Since then, Gary "G2Z" Matthias has continued to write lyrics, produce beats, and ultimately create new songs. However, he has been rather sporadic in his recording frequency. The launch of dop.mx represents the return of G2Z and Defacement of Property Music.

D.O.P. Music aims to defy boundaries, vandalizing what is commonly believed to be the correct way to create music.